Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bizz Buzz!

We're getting a Five Guys Burgers And Fries here in Salem and I don't know why, but I'm a little excited. I try hard to steer clear of fast food, but after seeing multiple businesses leave Lancaster Dr, it's kind of refreshing to see one move in. The place looked very open when I drove by yesterday, so I stopped and went in. I was quickly greeted by an older gentleman (probably the owner) in a Five Guys t-shirt who promptly told me the grand opening wasn't until Wednesday. I said, "Okay, but yo mama told me differently last night." He stared at me straight-faced, unamused. I don't think he's aware that Yo Mama jokes NEVER get old. EVER. Sigh..

Another new business opened up downtown, and this place I'm truly excited about. It's called Clockworks Cafe and it's going to be a happening place once it gets its shit together. The interior design is fantastic, very clean and artistic with a town centre feel to it. Giant clocks on the walls and street lamp posts placed throughout really make it great, I love it. There's a lot to this place, I'll try and snap some better pics of the interior and post them in a later blog, but for now:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where's Snooky?

It's Sunday morning, scratch that, it's practically the afternoon already. I'm sitting on my couch in my 'night before' clothes relaxing, checking email, listening to a great playlist at, a mixture of The clash, Talking Heads, Stone Roses, A-Ha, Depeche Mode, etc. I must confess, these are bands I never really got into, not because I don't like them, simply because I just never did. I'm listening to them now thinking, "hot damn, this is great music!". Especially for a semi-cloudy Sunday afternoon. is a great way to find new (or old) music, so if you haven't been there go check it out. Good times indeed. Oh and while I'm the subject of ways to find and listen to music, another fantastic option is using the iTunes radio feature. There are bookoos of great stations, all divided up by genre, all free and streaming live and commercial free. One of my absolute favorite stations is GotRadio - Guitar Genius (found in ambient). It gets played for hours on end some days.

Ugh, I'm looking around my living room at all the many boxes I have yet to unpack and I'm having the same thought about it that I had yesterday: do it tomorrow, Mick. There's really no point in getting in a hurry, who am I trying to impress? My family lives over 2,500 miles away, so they will never see the clutter. My one or two friends are exactly that, friends, so they sure as hell don't mind. Well, they might mind, but they sure as hell won't judge! And even if they did, they have to deal with it or suffer the wrath of... MY ASS! No but really, relocating really sucks when you collect things. I never collected anything before, and now within the past several years I watched my dvd collection grow into the thousands. Sheesh, that's a lot of movies! (

I just got back from a vacation to New Jersey. I flew over for a huge family reunion, and afterwards some of us drove down to Sea Isle City and stayed in a beach house. It's always the best time when I get around my sister and cousins. We all have identical sense of humors and we love to get fucked up on beer and liquor and laugh uncontrollably and sometimes even do really dumb shit together (like drive through trailer park yards stoned at 2am). This time around was no different. We went to a bar for my birthday and watched a band play raggae music, "Lawd have mercy". While there we put down plenty of birthday shots and beers and by the time we headed back we were staggering. Back at the beach house we drank more, played table tennis, and acted like drunk people do... retarded. Haha, it was fantastic fun. I miss them already.

And here's a nice shot of Mount Hood as my plane approaches Portland:

Well I think that wraps up this blog. See ya, friends.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Run

last run
by Mick Tomlinson

I chased you around the block
screaming, "DEATH TO SMOOCHY!"
(because that was your favorite movie)
and all the tattoo'd freaks on 15th and Pearl
watched us go by,
first your bra and then your panties
separated by time like a suicidal desk clerk.
I tripped near Market Street
and collided with concrete as my knife
skidded across the sidewalk
and into the street.

we both stopped running,
the charade was over.

our lives went into the wild
and there was no reason to continue.

I walked with you around the block
knowing this would be the last time
our hips would pivot in close proximity.
I put my arm around you,
felt your sweat graduate to my nose.

"You know, I'm really gonna miss you when this is over."

"Let's not let it be over."

we stopped.
I watched as you unlocked your door
and went inside, opened the window blinds
and watched me walk away,

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Dung Beetle Parade

He stared at the light socket for what must have been at least ten minutes waiting for a brown beetle to crawl back out, the entire time taking hits from his pint of cold Hammerhead IPA. Earlier he spotted three of them, hardened and determined, traveling from the exterior of his world into the interior of their own via that outlet. He knew eventually they must come back out.. they always come back out, don't they?
"Goddamn, they might have it made in there" he said aloud as the bartender noisily rearranged a nearby rack of Collins glasses. "I bet twenty on red they got themselves a beautiful set-up, a nest of extraordinary comforts that they call home. Nobody giving them any shit."

The bartender went about his business as if nothing was said. He was used to this, every single night. He learned how to use the left side of his back to do all the talking when customers like Edgar began their drunken rants. He was a pro, a professional, and he never let an empty cup go unattended for more than a minute.
"Fuck the beetles," he thought to himself, "I better get a tip outta you tonight, Edgar!"

Meanwhile, on the other side of civilization...

"He's still sitting there, staring at it." (inaudible clicking from further away) "No, he's still drinking number seven, at least I think that's number seven... hey DURKMITE, you got the roll on seater number three?"
DURKMITE twisted his brown shell around and shifted slightly onto four legs, "Yeah boss, three's on seven, but by nine he'll lose focus and by ten we'll be good to go. Happens every time."
"Excrement, most excrement." And at that the they all celebrated by clicking their shell wings together simultaneously.

Meanwhile, on the inside of civilization...

"Edgar! Wake the fuck up!" The barkeeper's voice vaulted over the jukebox as he tossed his drying towel at Edgar's sunken head. "You've had nine too many, goddamnit, I want you outta here!"

Edgar raised his head, performed a slow bob from left to right, acknowledging the fact that yes, he was indeed fucked up, and started lifting himself from his bar stool.
"Listen here you hatchet-faced manimal, I will not tolerate those kinds of service. I am for and have always been this establishment's pretty pimple, you get me?" He slowly removed himself from his bar stool and clumsily made his way into the men's room. A minute passed and suddenly the door swung open and out popped Edgar. He paused and turned toward the bar and yelled, "They came back out! The goddamn beetles came back out just like I knew they would and they're extracting shit balls from the toilets and rolling 'em across your lovely floor!"

"That's it! Out I say, OUT!" screamed the barkeep one last time.

Meanwhile, on the other side of civilization...

"Click, click, click..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Back.

I haven't been around for awhile, several weeks actually. Went through another rough patch in my life (yet again) and was without Internet, thus no blogging. I was also without a home, had to sleep in my car and on friends' couches (sometimes beanbags). But hey, I got through it and now I'm officially relocated into my new place.

It's been pretty fun putting the new apartment together, especially since everything happened so fast and unexpectedly. I basically had to start over from scratch. I didn't even have a bed, but within several days I've managed to scrape together an okay start and things are looking better. The many local thrift stores here in town have become my new best friend. I hit them up daily looking for interesting things to add to my place. For example, the miniature bowling game shown in the picture above I found for only 6 dollars. It's a fantastic little find, and it totally works! And it looks pretty cool on display with the other stuff. That corner of the room I've designated as the Fun Center. Actually my entire apartment is a fun center, I try not to take things too seriously anymore.

I have so many exciting things to talk about, but I have to go meet up with a friend and play a few games of chess soon, so I'll be wrapping this blog up rather quickly. On a quick note I'll mention that I finally upgraded to a digital SLR. I bought a Canon Rebel XSI with a 28-135mm lens. I'm so excited about it, I'm taking photography to the next level! Now if only I could befriend someone who is really good at it and they could teach me everything I need to know. I love walking around Salem taking pictures (or anywhere for that matter) but there is so much I need to learn about ISO, RGB, contrast, lighting, aperture, shutter, etc. I plan on taking some courses at the local college, and of course I'm reading books, but a friend to pal around with would be the best, so if you are out there send me a message and I'll buy the lunches when we go out shooting pics!